DIAC Climate Change Actions

Opportunities for DIAC members and friends to Improve Climate Change Conditions (prepared by Bill Eyring)

Reduce our Community Carbon Footprints

Evanston Climate Action Plan

The Evanston action plan was completed about 2006; the website shows a one-year progress report but nothing since.

Citizens for a Greener Evanston

The group, one of many active environmental organizations in that city, is focusing now on getting Evanston qualified to become a certified Habitat City by the National Wildlife Federation.

Reduce our Individual Carbon Footprints

Calculate footprint and voluntarily compensate for emissions

http://www.nature.org/greenliving/carboncalculator/– donate hundreds of dollars for compensation

http://www3.epa.gov/carbon-footprint-calculator/ - educates about your emissions

Plus about a dozen other calculators

Car choices

Ask David Wolf about his Nisson Leaf and Prius

Ask Bill Eyring about his Plug-in Prius

Weatherizing your home

Solar electricity

http://www.ussolarnetwork.com - This company is active in Evanston. It has some 100 installations of mostly thermal systems, but increasing numbers of photovoltaic systems.

 Sustainable landscaping practices

This was my favorite career responsibility, and still my hobby. I have been able to help about 4 families per year to build native rain gardens that reduce water problems and add native habitat. I hope to spur the people who gain that experience to enable some of their neighbors to do the same.

Ban lawn blowers

Over-use of blowers is one of my pet peeves. Wilmette has an ordinance banning gasoline blowers because of the noise, other than during the fall, but I don’t know if it’s enforced. In California there are bans because of the dust and pollution issues.



Bill Eyring