About Us

We are a group of Chicago Area Progressives based primarily on Chicago’s north side and northern suburbs have worked over the last 7 years to advance a Political Progressive Agenda, as a response to our failed two-party system, and excessive corporate influence on our elected officials.

In planning and organizing in partnership with like-minded organizations, DIAC seeks to inspire, train and mobilize our community to stay involved and take action.

We are currently organized into the following four task forces:

  • Voter Registration and Fair Elections – Educate citizens about how to register and vote. Serve as Poll Watchers to insure election integrity. Work to amend Citizens United and return our Democracy to the people.
  • Positive Change for Climate Protection  - Protect the environment and reduce the effects of climate change by education and action.
  • Illinois Budget – Lobbying for a fair budget for Illinois, including revenue and supporting programs to help schools and the poor.
  • Gun Violence Prevention – Work to support common sense gun reform policies, locally and nationally. Educate people on the harm that violence brings to our city and our region.

We meet monthly for a general meeting, and once monthly for a general political discussion and friendship group.